Most Frequently Asked Questions

Bigtoko is a big data web portal for businesses in Indonesia. We provide general data and profiles of business owners’ products and services in Indonesia. You can search for a product, services, or company name in Indonesia.

Bigtoko connects business to business (B2B) and business to consumers (B2C). It allows businesses to establish an online presence and enhance it with useful information. 

Bigtoko is for all businesses and companies or individuals doing business in Indonesia and would like to let the whole world know about their product by listing with us. Either you are a big, medium, a small company, or just an individual who is doing a business in Indonesia, you are entitled to list your business with Bigtoko.

Some websites only provide online marketplace for vendors, but not all vendors need to sell online because some of them may need to sell their products or services offline. Some website is the other way, they just provide a directory listing but without having an online store to showcase vendor’s product or services.

We provide both solution under one roof where vendors will have their own online store to showcase their products or services. At the same time, if vendors have their own existing online shopping marketplace such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Lazada, Bukalapak and etc, they can link their respective store in the profiles. User can do shopping by just a single click to these stores.


Never underestimate your capabilities. Small or big, the main problem from making sales is the people do not know that your business exists, they do not know your product line or services and where is your business is located. Bigtoko is the right place for you to let the people know about your business and turn this info into sales.

NO. We do not provide online shopping services in our website like other common marketplaces. You can list your products or services in our virtual store.

If you already have your own existing online marketplaces such as Tokopedia, Shopee and etc, we will link those stores in your profile accordingly. If customers are interested to purchase your product or services, they can do so by clicking your online marketplaces links. For those who do not have existing online store, customers can contact them directly for inquiry

NO. Our listing is a premium directory where members need to subscribe for listing. We only have one standard membership price, which is IDR100,000 for a one-year subscription.

For selected company or business, we do provide a pre-listing based on our business associate and networks. However, these company need to claim their listing to manage their profile content.

Vendor Account Inquiry

We want to make sure all listed business or profile is a genuine profile and not fake. Therefore, our data is an authentic and credible data.

But at the same time, our subscription fee is extremely competitive compared to the other paid business listing who charged excessive fees but for a limited number of products to be listed in the profile. We offer a minimum fee (IDR100,000 for one-year membership), but vendors can upload an unlimited number of products in their online stores.

New members who subscribe with coupon code will get a bonus of one year expiry date at the price of IDR100,000, meaning that their membership will expire in two years instead of one year. This coupon code is allocated to an affiliated group member that we collaborated in promoting Bigtoko to the world. Members of respective group will get the coupon code from their respective private or public group.

Those registered without coupon code will get a standard one-year expiry date.

With IDR100,000, you will get a one-year membership and can create an instant profile listing to do the following:

  1. Publish your business information complete with contact information’s.
  2. Showcase products and services with unlimited listing.
  3. Set your store or business location so that users can get direction to your locations if they want to have a store or business visit personally.
  4. Set your own online contact page so that users can communicate with you directly for products or business inquiry.
  5. Links your existing online marketplaces if you already operating it such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak etc.

As a BONUS! We will reward you a free business listing worth IDR140,000 in, a global business directory that serve for a global business market. You will enjoy the same rich features and benefits that you enjoy in Bigtoko. The bonus in will remain the same whenever you renew your membership in Bigtoko.

On top of that, all business or vendors listed in Bigtoko will be published in our official social media page which is Instagram and Facebook for both Bigtoko and

  1. You can leave your business profile as it is at no cost, but you cannot edit or manage your profile further.
  2. You could request to remove your business profile if you did not want your business profile to be in our website. You can do that by send us email to
  3. If you want to claim your business profile so that you can edit your business profile such as adding products and services, add online store links and etc, you can do that by making payment for the subscription and email us your payment receipt at We will provide the necessary log in access to manage and edit your profile in 24 hours.


You will get an instant approval upon payment made.

YES. You can modify a listing as many times as you need at your own convenience. Number of products or services for each vendor stores are also unlimited. 

YES. You can remove your listing anytime by writing to

But any payment made is not refundable.

That is the beauty of a premium membership, we can always track the owners of the business or company when something went wrong. You can report by notifying us at any time by writing to or submit the report through our contact page. We will do necessary action to investigate and proceed to police report if required.

However, you are always advised to be cautious when dealing with any monetary transaction with our vendors or their agents. Our company did not take any responsibility for any losses due to any transaction applied within our vendors.